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tsJames Wood High School 17-year-old senior

Sport: Baseball. Position: Second base.

Parents: April and Trevor Strosnider

Hometown: Winchester

What do you love about baseball?: The strategical side. It’s not all just about athletic ability. It’s about putting in non-stop work and just perfecting your craft.

Most memorable moment in baseball: Definitely the last two seasons for James Wood baseball, making our state tournament runs. The bonds I had with some of the players, those are friendships that will last a lifetime.

Most embarrassing moment in baseball: This season, I went 0-for-4 against Millbrook with three strikeouts. It was a rough night.

Most difficult moment in baseball: My freshman year, I just came off the football season with everything going on with COVID. I was dealing with some shoulder issues that had me sidelined, and I wasn’t able to play. Most of the season, I wasn’t able to play in the field. I could only hit.

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: My coach [with Winchester Baseball] who passed away, Bob Brown; I just had a lot of good times with him. That’s who I started playing baseball for. I would love to be able to talk about the game again with him. My great-grandfather Wesley who passed away a few years ago; I had a lot of good times with him. Not having him around has definitely been difficult, and I would like to be able to spend time with him again. Joe Rogan; I watch his podcast a lot, and I would love to be able to sit down and talk with him for a little bit, or be on the podcast.

Biggest athletic influence: Bob Brown. I’ve always said I owe a lot of where I’m at now with my baseball career toward him. He really helped me grow my love for the game. If I was ever struggling with something, I could just work with him, we could figure it out, and I’d be back to good.

Favorite teacher: Ms. [Leanne] Leonard. She was my 11th-grade math teacher. We got along really well, and she always made class enjoyable.

Favorite athlete: [Former NBA player] Allen Iverson

Favorite team: Philadelphia Eagles

Favorite movie: “Major League”

Favorite TV show: “Stranger Things”

Favorite song: “After You” by Kanye West

Favorite food: Cheeseburger

Worst thing you’ve eaten: Brussels sprouts

Plans after high school: I have committed to play baseball and continue my academics at Emory & Henry College. I’m doing their masters and business administration program. I’m interested in the sports side of business. I’d like to work for a professional organization.

— Compiled by Robert Niedzwiecki